Maintenance services


• Repair and maintenance of aircraft up to 5700kg

• Inspections Renewal Certificate of Airworthiness

• Weighing aircraft





EASA Part M subpart F - BE.MF.0004

EASA Part M subpart G - BE.MG.0104

BCAA approved workshop VA 94/30 ( Annex II airplanes)


We service Lycoming, Continental, Rolls Royce, Rotax piston engines



Scope of maintenance


Certified aircraft


Beechcraft    All single engine piston models

CEAPR  Series DR3..., DR400, R1180TD & HR100

Cessna  All series 15..., 17..., 18...

Commander Series 112 & 114

Diamond  DA20

Gyroflug/FFT   SC01 Speed Canard

Grumman  Series AA5

Maule  MX7

Piper    All single engine piston models

Aermacchi  Marchetti 205/20R

Socata  Series MS, Rallye, TB2...


Annex II aircraft


Jodel   117, 120, 315, 1050, D140A

Piper   J3 and PA-18 series

Univair  108-3

Nord   NC-858-D

Fournier  RF5B

Auster 1JU


CAMO services






Several flights schools, private owners

(Scope identical as above)